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Both of our nurseries have achieved the Wigan Healthy Business award and have excellent food hygiene ratings.


We have our own chef who provides a well-balanced tasty menu of fresh home-cooked food including, breakfast, morning snacks, cooked lunch & desert, afternoon tea.


Our menus are compiled with consideration for a well balanced healthy diet and children's preferences for particular foods. At least two days a week our menu includes meat-free meals and we provide a daily alternative dishes for children with a vegetarian or special diet.


Meal and snack times are treated as a social occasion, where children are encouraged to observe good table manners whilst enjoying their food in the company of their friends and staff.

Pre-School children take turns each week to set up the dining arrangements for the nursery which gives the children responsibility and a sense of achievement - they love helping! We also encourage self serving, which teaches correct portion control and independent choice. 


We are passionate about healthy eating
Take a look at our sample menu
No added salt & sugar
Help your self fruit in all rooms
includes all home-cooked meals
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